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As a result, tired of hosting your website on low end shared web server? Demoralized with the automatic suspension of your website by the hosting company without even telling you? Worried about the poor load time of your website? Sick of paying support services for technical tasks?

Above all, Here comes InfinityIconInc

In addition, We provide you with the services your hosting company is not providing. We have intel xeon dual processor servers with less than 20 websites load. That gives you the performance like you have your own dedicated server. We never suspend the website of our clients before telling him on the phone. Plus we guide and provide free support to our clients if they are in need of it. After that, Our goal is to make your website running faster.Get your hosting today and save 35%In conclusion, Try our services with one month money back guarantee

How may we help you today?

  • Shared hosting problems and our solutions
  • Rescue the hacked/infected website
  • Dedicated web server solutions
  • WordPress site Development & customization

improve your existing web based services!

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Dedicated Web Hosting

  • Configured with CWP
  • Low Cost Guaranteed
  • High speed link
  • Reliable


Specialized Web Hosting

  • Guaranteed Performance
  • Managed by us for you
  • Remote backups
  • Security Monitoring
  • 24/7 WhatsApp Support
  • Dedicated representative

Wordpress Development

  • Website Customization
  • Plugin & Theme Customization
  • Maintenance and Detox

premium support services

Always available & ready to serve you

Our support staff can help you and can give you their expert opinions in case you are having trouble with anything. However, Our support staff is also accessible on WhatsApp, Facebook and always at your service.

1. Limited websites per server policy:
In market a regular shared hosting server hosts almost 1000 websites per server. That basically overburdens the CPUs and ends up in sluggist performance. Therefore, If your website starts growing and gets more users, they suspend your website. But, our policy is to host not more than 50 websites per server. This gives your website full potential to grow and use all the required resources available on our server.

2. Dedicated Server like Performance:
We use Intel Xeon Dual Processor Servers with optimum memory configurations. With almost less than 50 websites hosted on a server our customers get a Dedicated Server like performance in only $200/year, that In other words, may cost them for upto $250/mo.

3. A Promise that none of our Competitor will make:
Our shared hosting competitors, they will promise you for Unlimited Bandwidth, and Unlimited Space but they will never ever even talk about the “Number of Concurrent Connections to your website”. Now the question is that if your server is not allowing your users to establish connection to your website or your server is limiting connections to your website then how come the huge bandwidth and space gonna be utilized? Yes, It will never be utilized. Therefore, at InfinityIconInc promise you for not limiting the number of connections to your website. We expose full potential of our servers to you so that you could get maximum out of our hosting services.

4. Premium Support Services:
Therefore, Our support staff can help you and can give you their expert opinions in case you are having trouble with anything. Our support staff is also accessible on WhatsApp and always at your service.

InfinityIcon Web Hosting

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InfinityIconInc Web Hosting

Client’s Reviews

Outstanding service and support. They went over and above to fix my website as the previous hosting company had no way to scan and remove the viruses that had affected my site.

Reine Clemow

Client, Acquira Wealth Partners

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